Thursday, January 8, 2009

Great news – Dr. Kozerek has accepted my case! I didn’t expect to hear anything until Monday so this information allows me to breath a bit easer.

This morning I called his office even though I was told to wait for their contact. I just couldn’t sit here and wait . . .Thanks to Jessica, his administrative assistant, and her sympathy for my condition, she was able to catch him early this afternoon between meetings. He had already received my records and based on the information he received from all my recent adventures (and Jessica’s help) he’d like to do a procedure called a double balloon endoscopy (DBE) the same day he sees me for the initial consult. According to her, this is not standard protocol, but they’ve made an exception for me. She told me he said it’s urgent that I have this done (so I’m happy I didn’t wait for a call). Unfortunately, he’ll be out of town the greater part of next week, so my appointment could not be scheduled any sooner than January 19. This is the plan as I know it: I’ll be admitted at 6:45, have my consult with Kozerek at 7:00, see the anesthesiologist at 8:00 and begin surgery at 9:00am.


The surgery requires general anesthesia, so I’ll be admitted to the hospital for a minimum of two days. It could be more based on the actions taken during the procedure. . .in the meantime, I’ll have to manage the pain with Viocoden. All in all, I’m happy to have my name on a schedule somewhere, even if it means I’ll be doing a little more couch-time next week!
Welcome to the roller coaster . . .

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