Monday, January 19, 2009


So this is Adam... Jenn never told me how to do this. I guess she figured that I would figure it out.
So here's the scoop as of 4 pm:
They brought Jenn back a little later than expected. It was a few minutes to 10am when they took her to the area that I wasn't allowed to go. She was brought to her room around 3pm, and was actually pretty aware. She even went from her traveling bed... to the bed in her room under her own power.
She was in quite a bit of pain, so they gave her something that she said made her feel a little out of her body. Now she's sleeping. :)
The staff of the hospital didn't tell me where to be, so I guess I missed the doctor. So I don't know much of anything about the condition...
Jenn was pretty aware when she came out, and listened to the doctors talking. They were able to get all the way to the top. And didn't find any thing of note going on there. Prior to her going in, we met with the doc, and went over the scans with him. He noticed something with the pancreas that may or may not have been an issue, but couldn't say for sure. So when they got all the way to the top, they decided to go back to the pancreas to give it a closer look. Now, this is from a girl just coming out of anesthesia, but she remembers them saying there was a noticable blockage in there, and it would take surgery to fix.
Like I said, that was from what she heard, and I don't know any different.

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  1. Sounds like they saw what they wanted to see today, and they might know what to do next. Thanks for the update, Adam. I know you're just glad to see Jenn and want to be with her, but thanks for keeping us posted...:)