Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Too many doctors!!

I'm feeling quite dizzy today, so I'm going to make this update kinda' short:

I talked with the doctor's office today and they've got me scheduled with Dr. ? for the E.U.S. (endoscopic ultrasound) on Friday morning. They'll be doing a CT Scan right before it so Dr. ? will have it for use during the ultrasound. Dr. Kozarek will not be the one doing the test, instead he has asked Dr. ? to do it for him because he has more experience.

If they can do any 'repair' work then, they will, but after hearing that the last few times, I feel it is doubtful. I also doubt it because they have me meeting with a surgeon next week for a consultation (sorry, I can't remember his name either). Since they're still trying to figure out what this thing is it doesn't sound like they are too keen on poking at it until they have some answers.

I meet the surgeon on Tuesday to review the results of all the tests thus far, including any biopsy results that will be collected on Friday.

I've got no new news on the round-table discussion about my case they were going to do today. If I get any I'll let you all know.

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