Saturday, January 17, 2009

The lilac

I was listening to Cisco, you know, the master gardener on the radio. It's funny that I even listen because everybody knows that I don't have a thimble full of dirt anywhere that could sustain life other than weeds and pasture grass. Anyway, a woman called in because her lilac tree was not blooming and she had planted it over two years ago. According to Cisco, lilac's can take up to 15-years to feel ready to bloom but he said you can shock them into blooming by uprooting them and immediately putting them back during a hot summer day. He said that this feeling of being threatened will make the plant desire to propagate to save it's species, stimulating it to bloom and spread it's seeds for new life.

Normally, this would not be anything other than interesting, but for some reason, it had different meaning to me at that very moment . . . I think I'm a lilac plant!

With all this crud going on, I've really been forced to face my own mortality. Adam and I cannot have kids, but for some reason I'm rethinking it. I'm not ready for kids, don't really want my 'own', but lately I've been thinking, "Should I want them?" Do I want to want to have them? I've been plucked out of the dirt and shocked into thinking about propagation of my species.

Maybe I just need a little sun . . .


  1. Babysit a baby overnight and it will pass....

  2. You can borrow my newborn for his first week if you want. :>